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Our First 200 Watts DIY Solar Panel

Just finished setting up our 200 watts solar panel. Woohoo!

36 pcs 5x5in solar cells
tabbing wire
bus wire
47 x 24 inches aluminum frame
46.5 x 23.5 inches glass (front cover of the solar cells)
47 x 24 inches acrylic (back cover of the solar cells)
12 pcs stainless steel bolts and nuts
rubber washers for the bots and nuts
double sided tape
silicone sealant

Soldering the cells were very easy. After we have finished on them, we went to different glass/aluminum supply shops to canvass for the aluminum frame, glass and acrylic. Unfortunately, there were no shop here in our my place that sells acryclic, we found one a town away from where we live.

So we ordered those three, aluminium frame, glass and acrylic and waited for the worker to finish cutting the glass and acrylic and we even asked him to drill holes in the frame and acryclic, will save us some time and much safer for them to drill the acrylic than us it could break if we did it.  The acrylic did break when the mister drilled hole on it, the last one, whew.. so he took another one, cut it and drilled holes again.  After all of it, we came home with our stuff and set-up my solar cells, on the frame.. here’s the finished product.

So proud of our new project.  We’ve already tested this and it worked!

Next on list on things to buy are the metal brackets so we can install this on our roof.

If you are interested in making one like this, or want to get free electricity from the sun and save on monthly electric bill, we are having a seminar all about solar panel, details will be posted here on my website.

Feel free to comment or ask questions, see you on my next post.


52 Responses to Our First 200 Watts DIY Solar Panel

  • Hi,
    I like to ask if you can provide me with a solar package that will be able to provide power for a 1/2 hp water pump. Thanks.

    • Hello,

      Ano po ang wattage ng pump at ilang oras pagaganahin? We need to know these for the computation.


  • meron ba kayong branch sa malapit sa angono? nagbebenta ba kayo ng solar cell lang at magkano po sana?..plano ko kasi bimili

  • Hi! just want to ask ilang watts ang kailangan para mapaandar ang 2 fan,2 tv, 2 aircon? at kung magkano aabutin.

    hoping for your reply

    • Hi po,

      kailangan po malaman ang wattages ng mga appliances na namention nyo at kung ilang oras sila usually ginagamit.

  • Gud pm magkano po kaya ang complete set for home use 350kw per cut off sa meralco pa breakdown na din po…pati sa 600 watts na aircon kng 24/7 sya gamitin…mgkano gagastosin kng ung aircon lng tnx

  • gud day po.. tanong ko lang po kasi mayrun akong copier na 1,300 watts, ilang watts po kailangan na solar system at magkano po magagasto? thanks po..

  • Hi Admin gud PM, mayroon bang schedule ng seminar sa paggawa ng Solar. Kung mayroon man ay kailan gaganapin at magkano ang bayad, paki send lang po sa email address ko . Maraming Salamat po.

  • good day po,
    just wanna ask how much it cost if i want to have one of this 100w Solar Panel, including service charge via LBC, coz i’m from the island of Cebu. thanks po, n God bless,hope to hear from you on my email add… thanks and God bles…more power…

  • Please let me know your package price for 100w, 200w, 300w 400w & 500w, yung kumpleto na at pwedi ng gamitin.

  • Hello po sa Admin.
    Inquire ko lng po kung meron kayong branch sa cebu?
    Lali na sa province.
    Mga tanong ko lng po sana:
    1) magkano ang DIY solar panel?
    2) Ano po ang meron sa isang DIY set?
    3) pwede lng ba ito mainstall ng kahit na sino?

    Yung province po namin sa cebu ay highly affected ng super typhoon, kaya hirap po sa kuryente, naisip ko po ang solar power para sa bahay namin.
    Kahit na basic lng po na pang ilaw at charge ng cellphones lang.

    Please po, paki email nlng sa mga inquiry ko.
    Thank u.

    • Hi Ms. Maria,

      Wala po kami branch sa Cebu

      1. Depende po sa size na gusto nyo i assemble
      2. 36 solar cells, tab wires, bus wires, flux, soldering iron, terminal block
      3. Pwede po mainstall ng kahit sino

      Try mo mga solar packages namin. Pinakamura na is yung 10w solar lighting package P4,500 may cp charger na din kasama, 2 ilaw, charge controller and battery upgradable system pa ready made na ito with wires ilalagay na lang sa roof ang panel and buo na mga switches.



  • meron po ba kayo store dyan sa manggahan.halimbawa po bibili lang ako ng package nyo..or yung DIY nyo na product

  • mmm…mga ilang panels kaya magagamit if for computer use lng? desktop or laptop ung whole day na gamitan (7am-6pm)..tska magkano kya?

  • I would like to build a 400W solar power system for my house in Pasig City. I want to do this DIY. I am a chief elec. engr, which I think that electrical practices and design will not be a problem to me.

    Please quote to me the parts for 400W system, to include pwm, converter, frames,etc. you may text or call (Globe) 0906-4268147.

    Thank you,

    Romy Dominguez
    Santolan, Pasig City

  • pano po mag inquire ng sa pagpapalagay ng solar power?

    • send mo lang sa amin kung ilan ang kailangan mong panel, or pwede ka umatend ng seminar and training namin na may takehome na solar panel. Lahat matutunan dito about solar panel and wiring installation

  • Ask po,ilang watts pag fan at tv?magkno po tingin nyo magagstos pra sa solar panel?tnx..

  • light bulbs 20pcs – 75wattz
    Refrigerator – 500wattz 24hrs/7?
    window aircon -1200wattz kaya po ba 24hrs?
    computer monitor laser printer 1500watts 24hrs?
    cd player – 100wattz
    radio – 100wattz
    2 tv -wattz 600
    electric oven 3410wattz
    iron 1200wattz

    ilang po total offer nyo po ung pang home solar power po?? palaging block out saamin every day 6 to 8 hrs, gusto ng mama ko na solar nlang gagamitin. para walang bill na proproblemahin.. palage block out same bill mababayad namin…

    • sir medyo napaka laki ng magagastos nyo kung ganyan kalaki mga wattage na gusto nyo paganahin, suggest ko na maka attend muna kayo ng 1 day seminar and training, dito matutunan nyo lahat pati ang pag gawa ng sarili nyong solar panel para maka mura ng malaki. thank you.

  • Thanks for sharing this information about 200 watt solar panels. I love it when people and companies try to be more efficient. Keep up the great work!

  • dear admin,
    Good day po and more power. Gusto ko sanang malaman kung magkakano ang per piece ng 5×5 solar cells na ginamit ninyo para sa first 200 watts ninyong project.

    • As usual 36 pcs. Pero di Q-cell type ang ginamit ko Monocrystaline siya na very high-end type of cell na ginagamit ng NASA (may nagbigay lang sa akin). Di ko alam ang price nya kc hindi siya binebenta sa market at hindi ko pwede banggitin ang manufacturer. Kaya sya umabot ng almost 200 Watts kc itong type ng Solar cell na ito ay may kakayanan mag-absorb ng light back to back, meaning both faces ng cell can absorb light and each cell can produce 5watts per piece. Ang galing diba? Kung titigan mo ang pic wala ka makikitang gridlines or bus bars man lang. Thanks have a nice day!

  • How much will it cost to do solar for 2 air condition. I live in Paranaque.thanks and more power.

  • hi,

    just want to inquire.
    I want to power up my desktop computer and my internet wimax


    • Hello,

      Need to know how much is the wattage of your monitor and the load of your CPU and wattage of your wimax so we can determine the solar power system you need.


  • Hi, i would like to try your 200watts DIY solar panel. I’m from Quezon City and we having a problem in paying our electric bills. I’m looking for some alternative way cutting or reducing our consumption. How much it will cost me if I’m going to do the project? and I would like to ask what is the best type of cells for much efficient and better performance, is it Multi, Poly, or Mono crystalline? Do you also offer free tutorial online?

    Thank you.

    • Depends of what size of panel you are going to use, for easier installation, you can assemble 144 pcs of 3×6″ solar cells. You need 4 sets to produce 260w because each sets can produce 65w (so if 3sets x 65w= 195watts of power). There is an another option but the panel is much heavier if you are going to install it on your roof which 2 sets of 6×6″ solar cells. Each set can produce 120-130watts. This project will cost you around 24k to 27k. Battery is not yet included and aluminum frames and glass cover because you can buy it in hardware and auto stores anywhere near you.

      Sorry i don’t do online tutorial but we do schedule onsite seminars every month. For DIY solar panels, polycrystaline are commonly use.

  • Hi
    I have plan to produce 1kw in Or.Mindoro , to reduce the cost i need best offer u can give for :
    1.price of ready panells for total 1kw
    2.only 6X6 cells and other encapsulatin accessory

  • ask ko din po kung may panel kayo na makakaya ang 3 computer..

  • good day po may slot pa po ba para sa seminar
    malapit lang po ako general trias din po..

  • Gud am balak ko pong mag-benta rin ng products nyo sa probinsya namin Catanduanes. Meron po ba kayong special price para sa mga dealer? God bless and thank you for your prompt reply!

  • I just to ask po yung product list with cost po. I live in noveleta cavite and i plan to build my own solar panel. kindly send me some details about standard solar power setup in house applications. thanks and more power.

  • Gud am po. Maam interisado ko gumawa ng solar panel. Mayron ba kayong iba-ibang wattages na solar cell at magkano bawat isa. Kung maari ay gusto ko mataas ang wattages para hindi malaki ang space. Mayron din ba kayo packages na solar cell para gumawa ng 100W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 500W, pataas. Baka makamura ako kung packages at hindi piraso. God bless and hoping to receive e-mail soon.

  • good day po,
    just wanna ask how much it cost if i want to have one of this Solar Panel, including service charge via LBC, coz i’m from the island of Cebu. thanks po, n God bless,hope to hear from you on my email add… thanks and God bles…more power…

  • Maam im interested in making DIY panel
    ano po contact no. nyo? at address?

  • did you connect it to a charger controller and to the battery?If so,are you using it to charge the battery while the battery is in use with the inverter?

    • There will be no problem, if you connect the charge controller and inverter to the battery at the same time, because they have different uses.


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