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Solar Products
Products Specifications Products Specifications
solar panel, solar energy, solar panel Philippines 5W Solar Panel Mono Crystalline Solar PanelDC 12V / 0.29AWeather Proof solar panel, solar energy, solar panel Philippines 10W Solar Panel Mono Crystalline Solar PanelDC 12V / 0.57AWeather Proof
solar panel, solar energy, solar panel Philippines 15W Solar Panel Mono Crystalline Solar PanelDC 12V / 0.87AWeather Proof solar panel, solar energy, solar panel Philippines 20W Solar Panel Mono Crystalline Solar PanelDC 12V / 1.16AWeather Proof
solar panel, solar energy, solar panel Philippines 30W Solar Panel Mono Crystalline Solar PanelDC 12V / 1.73AWeather Proof solar panel, solar energy, solar panel Philippines 50W Solar Panel Mono Crystalline Solar PanelDC 12V / 2.89AWeather Proof
solar panel, solar energy, solar panel Philippines 100W Solar Panel Mono Crystalline Solar PanelDC 12V / 5.78AWeather Proof solar panel, solar energy, solar panel Philippines LED Bulbs
PWM Solar Charge Controller 10A 12v/24v Automatic
P 900.00* Over-load protection
* Short circuit protection
* Protection from the lightning strike.
* Under-voltage protection
* Over-charging protection
* Dimensions: 10 x 9.5 x 3.7cm( 4 x 3.7 x 1.5 ” )
* Temperature Compensation: -20°C ~ +60°C
* This product has been certified by CE
PWM Solar Charge Controller 20A 12v/24/v Automatic
P 1,270.00

* Over-load protection
* Short circuit protection
* Protection from the lightning strike.
* Under-voltage protection
* Over-charging protection
* Dimensions: 10 x 9.5 x 3.7cm( 13.8 x 9c x2.8cm )
* Full LED Battery Status Indicator
* Anti- Accidental Wiring mistakes
* This product has been certified by CE
PWM Solar Charge Controller 30A 12v/24v Automatic
P 2,600.00

* Intelligent control is realized by using microprocessor
* Four load working modese.
* Scientific management of battery
* Comparing with the sharing loops using diodes
* LED screen shows the working state of solar battery
* Various protections include over-charge,over-discharge,short circuit and over-load
* Industrial-grade chips and precision components
* Parameter is set to power-down save function
Mini USB DC Converter 3V to 5V 700mA charger Mobile Phone MP3 MP4
P 350.00

* Modules nature: non-isolated Buck
* Rectification: Non-synchronous rectification
* Input voltage: DC 3-4.4V
* Output voltage: DC 5.5V
* Output current: 700mA (max)
* Conversion efficiency: 85% (MAX)
* Switching frequency: 150KHz
* Output ripple: 20mV (max)
* Load regulation: ± 0.5%
* Voltage regulation: ± 2.5%
* Operating Temperature: -40 ° C to +85 ° C
* Dimension: 27 x 18 x 8 mm
* With Overcurrent Protection
Some Applications:
DIY Mobile Power Supply, to boost battery voltage to
achieve 5V output for charging Phone, MP3, MP4, PSP etc.

TEXT JAYRENE: 0999-5739268

LOCATION: Manggahan Gen. Trias Cavite

4.5V – 30V Digital DC Display Voltmeter P350.00 
BLUE and GREEN Colored LEDs are also available for P400 each
 * Brand new and high quality.
 * Operating voltage: 4.5 ~ 30V.
 * Operating Current: * Display: 0.56 “LED, red colors.
 * Minimum operating voltage: +4.5 V.
 * Maximum operating voltage: +30 V.
 * Operating temperature: -10 to +65 °C.
 * Operating Humidity: 10 ~ 80% (no condensation).
 * Working pressure: 80 ~ 106kPa.
 * Sun exposure: no direct exposure.
 * Good stability and high measurement accuracy.
 * Appearance in a standard size, easy to install.
 * Power supply polarity protection circuit.
 * Light Size:4.8cm x 3cm X 2.2cm – 1.89inch x 1.18inch x 0.87inch.

Digital Ammeter 0-9.99A  P450
digital ampmeter1


  • Brand new and high quality.
  • PWR: Power sup
    ply DC6-28V, Red:+ Black: – .
  • IN: test current 0 ~ 9.99A, Red: + Black: – .
  • Note: The power supply cord must be careful that the polarity is not reversed,
  • otherwise the meter would burn out .
  • Range: DC0-9.99A (need external power supply, DC7-25V) .
  • Display: Three digital 0.56″ LED tube .
  • Refresh rate: about 500mS / times .
  • Accuracy: 1 %(+/- 1 digit) .
  • Power Supply: DC6-28V .
  • Operating temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 65 ℃ .
  • Size:4.8cm x 2.5cm x 2.9cm – 1.89inch x 0.98inch x 1.14inch.


60V/100A Digital Watt, Ampere and Volt Meter ALL in 1 P1,200

dc watt meter


TEXT JAYRENE: 0999-5739268

LOCATION: Manggahan Gen. Trias Cavite


Specification :

  • Brand new and high quality.
  • Measure energy(wh),charge(ah), power(w),current(A) and voltage(V).
  • Accurate & precise 0.01 A cuurrent and 0.01 V voltage resolutions.
  • Measures peak Amps, peak Watts(except for Doc Wattson) and Voltage minimum(sag).
  • Rugged- handles 50A continuous and 100 A peak at 60V.
  • 14a ga., super fine stranded, high temperature, silicone rubber insulated wire.
  • Small & light with a tough plastic case available in several colors.
  • Acts like a wire so doesn’t affect model’s performance. Precision Alu-Chrom current sensing resistor, with only 0.001 Ohms resistance and circuitry that draws only 7 mA.
  • USes DSP to increase ADC resolution and differential measurement amplifiers to increase noise immunity.
  • Size:8.3cm x 4.7cm x 2cm – 3.27inch x 1.85inch x 0.79inch

Performance parameters:

  • Color:Blue
  • Name : A(200200)680 – Watt Meter.
  • Voltage:(0)V-4V-60V 0.01V (Resolution).
  • Current:0-100 A peak 0.01A (Resolution).
  • Power:0-6554 W 0.1W (Resolution).
  • Charge:0-65 Ah 0.001Ah (Resolution).
  • Energy:0-6554 wh 0.1 Wh (Resolution).
  • Measurement Update period:400mS.
  • Signal Sampling Rate:sample/s.
  • Data Queue Sequence time: 2 seconds.
  • In Circuit Resistance:0.001 Ohms.
  • Operation Current: 7 mA.
  • Dimensions( L x W x D ): 84 x 50 x 20mm.



Solar Powered Auto Air cooling  Vent -Fits in Any Car     P570.00


  • The Solar Air Vent uses sunlight to keep your car cool while you’re away. When you come back to your car, you’ll find it comfortable and cool.

How it works –It is a solar powered fan that keeps the interior of your car cool and fresh.

  • No batteries are needed. Just roll down your window, place the Solar Vent on it, and roll it back up.
  • The solar panels on the outside collect and use the sunlight to run the fan that’s on the inside.
  • The fan in the Solar Vent circulates the air that’s inside and outside of your car.
  • It sucks out the hot air that’s inside your car and replaces it with the cooler outside air
  • Great Environment-friendly Product Save!
  • Design to blow the hot air out of your parked car
  • Keep your car cool no matter how long it is left in the sun
  • It can reduce the use of air-condition
  • Solar-powered and no batteries needed
  • Fit any car windows

Color: black
Dimension: 150*112*54mm

  • Attention: Solar vent  fans will not work if you have slightly tinted windows. Your windows must have no tint at all.
Solar Powered Mini Car      P250.00

  • Brand new & high quality.
  • Solar powered, no battery needed.
  • Energy saving and environment-friendly.
  • When the sun shines on the solar panel, the panel makes electricity.
  •  Its micro vibration motor can be driven directly in the sunlight.
  • Will also work when close to a strong artificial light source.
  • Easy to assemble and demonstrates an alternative energy principle.
  • A good educational toy for children to learn about solar power energy.
  • Dimension: 3.2cm x 2.2cm x 1.5cm.
 Solar Cockroach        P250.00

  • This cockroach,when exposed to sunlight, can start its mini-engine by shaking itself, so no batteries are needed.
  • Powered by sunlight, this product will shake itself seemingly forward or backward, spinning around as if looking for food.
  • Specially designed and eco-friendly, this product is also an excellent teaching aid to provide students with knowledge about solarenergy.
 6 in 1 Solar Toy                 P450.00

  • Brand New and High quality.
  • Build 6 different models.
  • Differs from other tropid model toys, they will move after assembled.
  • Solar energy provide motive force.
  • Do not need screws, so no tools is employed.
  • Teach through lively activities.
  • Solar battery life-span: 3-5 years.
  • Material: Polyethylene.
  • Safe and durable.
Solar Pond Fountain        P1,200.00


  •  Come with a solar battery, and charged by the sun
  •  Brushless DC water pump, pump water easily
  • 3 different water outlet caps
  • Save water as far as possible
  • Wide irrigated areas
  • Keep the soil wet and give a cool environment
16 Colors 3 Watts RGB E27 Remote Control LED Bulb  P650


  • Mini shape with simple design
  •  RGB color model applied, bring your 16 vivid colors choice
  •  With four changing modes: FLASH, STROBE, FADE, and SMOOTH
  •  With Remote Control (included), EASY YOUR LIFE
  •  Standard E27 16 spiral base
  •  Only 3 watts power consumption, energy-saving and environmentally friendly
  •  Suitable for interior decorations and party use
Waterproof TV/DVD/VCD Touch Screen Remote Control Watch     P950


  • Brand new and high quality
  • Remote control on multi devices – TV, SAT, VCR, DVD, VCD
  • Touch holds operation
  • Volume, channel switch,power ON/OFF
  • Device code Set Up and Auto Search mode
  • Alarm function
  • Stopwatch function (Split time measurement)
  • Real time clock display (12H/24H selectable)
  • EL back light function







Mini 3V Air Pump Aquarium Oxygen Pump Solar Pump  P350.00
Mini oxygen pump 3V-1

TEXT JAYRENE: 0999-5739268


  • Rated Voltage: DC 2V-3V 
  • Outlet port: 3.1mm
  • Air Flow: >70ml / min.
  • Max Pressure: 360mmHg
  • Leakage: Max 0.6mmHg/15sec from 300mmHg at 70cc tank
  • Restart Voltage: 2.0V
  • 62dB (30 cm away)
  • Can also be use for Solar and Science Projects

178 Responses to Products

  • Sir how much will cost me for a residential solar energy system with the following usages:
    3 unit air con 1 hp each
    1 split type air con 3hp
    2 ref 10 cu
    7 electric fans 16″
    35 lights 20w each
    water pump
    Thank you for your assistance.

  • Hello,
    We’re looking for:
    – solar panel mono with aluminum frame, 50W
    – solar battery, 12 V, 42AH
    -LED bright light white 20 W

    Please inform me if you have these items and kindly send me pricelist. Hoping for your immediate response as we need this ASAP. Thanks!

  • Sir good day ask k lng po f magkano mggastos kng hlimbawa mgppakbit ng solar isanh aircon 1 hp, ref 7 cuvic, 4 n electricfan 65 wats, 2 pc po mga ano po kya ang magagamit dyan

  • hi admin! how much it would cost me for 65w (12hrs), 50-65w LED tv (5hrs) and 2x 5w LED bulb (7hrs).. looking forward to your reply… THANKS!!

  • kindly quote the price for
    200 watts solar panel
    solar charge controller

  • Good day!
    Sir interesado po kami magpakabit ng solar magkano po kaya ang magagastos kung gagamit ng 2 air condition na 1/2 hp at isang 6 cuvic na frezzer at apat na led bulb? baka po matutulungan ninyo kami para maiprepare namin kung magkano ang magagastos salamat po.

    • Good day…Magkano po cost ng solar panel including its accessories inverter and deep cycle battery for a 100w and 200w panel? tnx!

  • Hi’ pwede po ba malaman kung ano ang dapat ko bilhin.
    gagamitin ko kasi sa computer kaya ba ng solar ang isang computer?
    ilang watts po ba ang dapat or dapat na battery.
    ung psu po kce ng computer ko is 650watts.

    reply po asap.
    Thank you

  • Sir,
    Can you please send me the price list of your products.


  • sir how much is the cost for complete assembly of solar panel to drive 3/4 -1 HP aircon unit. thanks.


  • Good day sir. Tanong ko lang kung nagse-service kayo for repair, I think something wrong with my solar installation. I installed it myself. I’m from GMA Cavite.

  • Sir,
    So interested to have your product. To run 2 HP A/C, 4nos Flourescent 20W lamp, 1no. 40″ TV. What is the total cost. (Labor +materials)including 1 year warranty. Do you have supplier in Iligan City. I am an engineer working abroad… what if I weill work in your company for the marketing in my areas. Do I have chance.

    Roaming Philippine Number 0063 9186102155

  • Sir,
    So interested ako sa products nyu. What is the total costs for the solar energy to run 2HP A/C, 1 TV 40″, 4 Lights, 10 hours.

  • Hello po! Ilang solar panels po ang kailangan to run an aircon consuming 1,180 watts that’s used about 10hours a day?

  • Hi,

    Pasend nmn ng pricelist ng inverter, solarpanel and deepcharge battery, thanks

  • Blessed afternoon po.
    I was a retailer of solar lighting products such as garden light and am using also a 1 watt solar energy kit for emergency purpose only. Do you have any products price ranges 500 – 1000 or lower that can help our fellow men freeing from using electricity. I am also interested in your solar energy kit if you have any. Kindly send me quotation regarding your products. Where and How to order din po.
    Looking forward for your positive response.
    Thank you and God bless!

    • Hi good pm.

      Pls see our Solar Bulb Lighting Unit. It has a built-in battery and a solar panel, It can charge a cellphone also hours of usage is 8 to 12 hours. Price is P650 only

  • Please send me wind turbine prize kung may available kayo at mga accessories nito from 500w , 1000w

  • pls. send price list per item. thanks

  • Hi I am interested dun sa 6 in 1 nyo. paano ako makakabili.tnx

    • Hi Sir Ryan,

      We accept payment by money remittance or bank deposit. Once payment is confirmed we shipped your order to you.
      Please call/text this number for faster communication
      +63 999 573 9268

      • Naghahanap po ako solar package for residential. Can u give me an idea on how its works for 4 electricfun 1 ref. 2 tv. and how much?

        • Hello sir, we need wattages of the electrical appliances mentioned so we can give you an idea of how many solar panels you need.

  • good day,
    pa send naman po ako ng price list
    per item po
    thanks po

  • Magkano po kaya ang dapat naming budget for solar panel and installation if we are consuming 159kwh/month?

    Or please send me a complete list of your package from smallest wattage?Hoping you will help me.

    Thank you

  • Hi, if i have an average consumption of 480kwh in 12 months, what package is applicable for me? or what do i need to install as solar panel, inverter, battery, etc. and how much will it cost?


  • Hi admin can you give me dealer price ng product
    Nyo im interested to put up solar shop in Cam Sur

  • Hi Admin good morning im very happy to heard this news ths is very convenient to a small business enterprises can you help me to give me a details how much the product of solar panel I want to use to my house can operate my air-con, refrigerator, TV and lightning. pls help what the product solar panel I need to avail THANK YOU.. SEE YOU SOON.

    • Hello,

      To compute for the estimate cost we need to know the wattages of your appliances mentioned and hours of usage.

  • I would like to HAVE A 100W Solar Panel Mono Crystalline Solar PanelDC 12V / 5.78AWeather Proof what arevthe other components to be used and how much? wala po bang discount? manuals also. .

  • im interested with your toys. . pano ba?

  • good day. . im interested with your toys. .kindly pm me anything about it and how to’s? tnx more power

  • Hi Admin good morning im very happy to heard this news ths is very convenient to a small business enterprises can you help me to give me a details how much the product of solar panel I want to use to my house can operate my air-con, refrigerator, TV and lightning. pls help what the product solar panel I need to avail THANK YOU.. SEE YOU SOON.

  • Good Day,

    San po location niyo? or nagshiship po kayo? I will buy these:

    1 pc. PWM Solar Charge Controller 20A 12v/24/v Automatic
    2 pcs. 4.5V – 30V Digital DC Display Voltmeter (red)
    1 pc. Digital Ammeter

  • hi! interested in purchasing solar panel kit that can sustain the whole household. possible po ba yun? may ref, tv, washing machine, ilaw, aircon.
    do you install or teach us how to?
    located in taytay rizal.
    thanks. 🙂

  • Ask lang po ng price ng mga product pati po package ng solar panel para po makapag decide kung ano bibilhin tnx.

    INTIRESADO PO AKO SA SOLAR power, kasi po our area suffered, serious blak outs,
    pwede po ba maka avail ng dealer Price, plan ko po to nalang bago na business


  • Hi,

    I already sent a post inquiring about the seminar fee.

    I just want to follow up on that and also I’m thinking on starting a project. How much would it cost if I want to have a solar panel system that produces up to 900watts. The reason for this is to power up an air-condition or a refrigerator. – Let me know if this is doable.

    Kindly send me an estimate on the cost and also if you guys do offer installation of panels.

    Thanks again!

    – Benj.

  • Ask ko lang. Meron po ba kayong Grid Tie Inverter (GTI) na rated 300 Watts? Or 250 Watts? How much po? If wala, saan po ako makaka bili ng GTI?


  • We live in an island here in Mindanao with no power supply yet, hence, this inquiry.
    Could you please itemized everything (including the costs) that will be needed to run the following:

    Option A) 1. 50-watt electric fan for approx 8 hrs/night and
    2 . 2 CFL bulbs with a total wattage of 30 for approx 5 hrs/ night

    Option B) 1. 30-watt electric fan for 8 hrs/night
    2. 2 CFL bulbs, 30 watts total for 5 hrs/night
    3. 75-watt refrigerator for 24 hrs everyday
    Thanks, i look forward to a favorable response from your end.

    • i will suggest that you use LED Bulbs rather than cfl bulbs and a 15w Stand Fan modified for solar application. Wind power is the same as the 50w electric fan. I will send an email for the cost of this project.



  • HI mam im from UAE meron po kasi kami shop na bubuksan dito at ang mga products na ibebenta namin mga
    solar products kit and solar toys can you please send me all of your products.

    thanks po and godbless

  • good evening ma’am ask lang po namin panu po kami makaavail ng products nyo na Solar Powered Auto Air cooling Vent -Fits in Any Car , Solar Pond Fountain and other solar products.. need po kasi namin yung mga solar products for our Projects in Environmental Science… Thank You..

  • Good Day, I’m Currently Doing A Feasibility Study That Includes A Solar Source of Energy, What Are The Materials or Equipment Do I Need To Set-up And Use A Solar Panel ?
    How Many Solar Panels Would I Need For 3 Refrigerator, 1 Chest Freezer, 5 LED Light, 2 Blenders, 4 CCTV Camera and Other Minimal Electric Products.
    How Much Would It Cost Me, Including The Solar Panels, Materials, Equipments and Installation?
    Have A Good Day and More Power.

    • Hi Mike,

      In order for you to know how many solar panels you need, you need to know first the total wattage of those electrical appliances you mentioned and number of hours you are going to use each.

      Estimate cost is unknown if the load is unknown.

      Basic materials in setting up a solar system are, solar panel, battery, solar charge controller, inverter (if using appliances that are 220V).

      Hope this helps.

      • Good Day, We Have Not Got To Those Equipment Yet,
        But With Around 200 Kilowatts / Month, Roughly 24 Hours For The Ref, Chest Freezer and CCTV.
        And Maybe Around 5 – 6 Hours For Lights And Other Minimal Electric Appliances.

        Thanks For The Quick Reply…
        Have A Good Day & More Power..

  • What are the things i need for installation of solar panels sa roof po. Mga 50w, 100w, 150w, 200w solar panels and above po. Do you have the prices for them?

    I have 4 cfl bulbs 11w – 8-10 hrs.
    1 electric fan 30w – 5hrs
    1radio 30w – 5hrs
    1 lcd tv 57w – 5 hrs

    what package can you give me for that? How much will it cost?

  • How long is the useful life of your products?

  • Can i ask for the list of your products and their specifications together with their corresponding prices?

  • Hi. I am currently doing a feasibility study right now about “Marketing and Distribution of Solar Panel in Albay”. I am looking for a supplier for solar panel packages. Can I ask for the list of your products and their corresponding prices and how yo buy it?

    How many lights or apliances can a 50w solar panel run?

    Thank you.

  • please send me solar panel prizes..thanks!

  • Hi! do you have schedule of training on Feb 10/ Monday or Feb 12/ Wed? How much? tnx

  • Hello po, tanong ko lang kung ano po package nyo sa akin? 2 fans po 12 hours umaandar at 4 pcs 4watts led sa bahay.

  • hi po! hingi lng po ko ng pricelist para sa 200 watts and total price din sa pag set-up

  • Mam,
    Good day, Im interested with your seminar, im planning to attend nxt year. Tanong ko lang po malayo pa ba kayo sa FCIE Dasmarias. and ask ko din kung magkano ung 1 package n 100watts nio. pag iupgrade ko b yung 50watts n package nio kaya b niang supplyan ang TV at dvd player.thank you so much.waiting for your response.

  • Good day po sa inyo..

    Gusto ko lng pong malaman kung meron po kayong branch sa butuan city,
    para mas madali po na maka bile….

  • good day,

    just want to ask if a 20Watts solar charge controller can be use for 30Watts solar panel or vise versa?

    • Hello,

      Do you mean a 20A solar charge controller?
      if yes, a 20A solar charge controller can be used for up to 240watts solar panels.

  • Good day! How much po yun solar christmas lights? Thank you.

  • Hi, I’ve been looking for solar panels all day and I found yours. Pls send me your price lists and I am also interested in your trainings. When is you next schedule and where, I will be coming from Santa Rosa, Laguna.

    • As for now all the materials that are going to be used for the training have been reserved by pre-scheduled attendees. I will inform you when will be the reservation or booking will be open again. Regarding the price list i will send it to your email.

  • Dear sir i want to buy 1000 watts solar kit may i know what is price thanks

  • Sir,

    Magtatanong lang po sana ako kung magkano ang 50w solar panel? pwede po bang bumili ng isang 50w solar panel? thanks po

  • Sir!

    Magtatanong lang po sana ako ng 50w solar panel price? pwede lang po bang bumili ng isang 50w solar panel?

  • good pm> how much is your 100W solar panel?

  • Thanks I got my orders po. 9v Submersible water pump and mini 3v DC Airpump. though its lot more smaller than in the picture 🙂 excited n ako ikabit sa tank ko..

  • Good day po.
    itanung ko lang sana mag kano ang price nga isang set na may 240 watts at kung sakali na gusto ko mag expand magkano ang isang panel ng solar cell.
    thanks po

  • Hi po, Magkano po ang bayad sa seminar, and kelan mga schedules.

  • magkano ba yung solar panel na pang toy car, gagamitin ko kasi pra sa project ko sa physics. Can I buy here online?

    • Ilang volts ba yung toy car? Dapat hindi solar panel bibilihin mo kasi commonly 18v output kapag panel ang bibilihin mo and mabigat na yun para sa toy mo dahil sa glass and frame, dapat mag customize ka kaya solar cells ang bilihin mo and tab wires. Hindi kita mabigyan ng estimate kasi kailangan malaman kung ilang piraso ang dapat sa toy car mo.

      • ah, okey thanks.. sa inyo nlang ako binili ng solar cells, Mga 2 toy car ang gagawin ko, for our project. The goal of this is to meaasure how does the angle of the sunlight affects its acceleration. How much kaya ang gagastusin nito mam?

  • meron ba kayo sale na solar panel 200w?

  • Hi,

    I am interested also. Can you please send us quotation to power up 100 watts and 200 watts

    thank you

  • Mam,

    Good Day !

    Im interested with the solar power seminar. Kindly email to me the schedule of seminars and the fee.


  • madam interesado po ako sa seminar kun panu gumawa ng solar panel…email po details..salamat.

  • Ask ko lang po, kung mga magkano po aabutin kung magassemble ng 3000watts na solar panels. Thank you!!!

    • Hello po,

      depende po ito kung anong size ng solar cells ang gagamitin nyo sa pag assemble the solar panel mam. Paki indicate po ng size ng cells.


  • Ask ko lang po how much is 200w solar panel and 30A 12 -24V auto charger controler? Pls. email me…


  • Ive been lookig for this kind of seminar a long time for sure aatend ako jan on my vacation..from bataan po more power

    • Hi sir Rhonny, good to hear you found our website. Kailangan lang sir mag pa sched before kayo pupunta sa seminar, Pipili po kayo kung Monday, Wednesday or Friday only. Thank you po.

  • Good morning, Sir ask ko lang po kung kailan ung next training nyo

    • Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday po meron, pili lang po kayo anong araw po kayo available.

      For faster communication please text/call this number


  • good day, please send me prices for the panels

  • I’m planning to run my small window type aircon 580W, how much do i need to invest for solar panel.

  • Hi Admin please e-mail me the specification of the materials (inverter rating, battery and others) for the 200watts package. Thank You

  • Please send me your quotations to power up 100w and 200w including installation and freight. we are from La Union. Thank you!

  • Ilang watts po pra sa electricfan??how much po kaya un??

  • magkano po cost ng solar panel including its accessories inverter and deep cycle battery for a 100w and 200w panel? tnx!

    • Good evening po,

      pa e-mail po ng detailed specifications and inclusion sa 200watts package nyo

      thanks po.

  • meron po ba kayo pwede sa aircon na 1-1.5? at para sa water pump sa bahay? lagi kasi brownout sa amin. 🙁

    • Hi Sir, Very wide approach ang magagawa mo sa solar power, pwede mo mapagana lahat ng electrical devices na maiisip mo. Lahat po yan ay itinuturo namin sa Solar Energy Seminar and DIY Training. Thank you.

      • ksi nasa Cotabato pa po kami, every week po ba me training kayo?hdi po ba kayo nag coconduct din ng mga training sa mga probinsya?

  • HI po good day. may tanong po ako kung anu po sa mga products niyo ang pwedi gamitin for computer or laptop consumption? bibili po ako nun. thanks

    • Hi po sir Roniel,

      Kelangan po malaman kung ilang wattage ng computer/laptop nyo para malaman din kung ano size ng solar panel ang gagamitin po. And kung ilang oras nakaopen. Meron po kasi yan computation para sa tamang solar panels na gagamitin.

      Thanks po

  • good morning po, Tanong lang? yun 100 watts na solar panel. China assemble.

  • very interested about your solar panel.we are building a house right now.planning to have some appliances like washing machine, dryer, refrigetaror and of course the lights will be included for the usage. Is it possible if you can send me amount /listing how much it will cost us to have solar panels?kindly send it to my email..thank you so mch

    • Hello po Mam,

      Di po maeestimate basta basta ang cost kelangan namin ung total wattage ng load po bago macompute kung ilang panels and kailangan nyo pati na cost.


  • saan po ang shop nyo sa Gen. Trias Cavite? meron po ba kayong map at pano po ang byahe pag galing ng dasmarinas cavity?

  • inverter pure sine wave mayroon kayo

  • Ilang watts ng panel para sa aircon na 1hp? At ilang hours ung kaya?

  • Solar Panel 100-100 watts price please..

  • hi ask ko lang po kumg pano pagpunta dyan intersted po ako sa seminar nyo> can you please e-mail me the details kung ilang oras and pwede po ba dyan na magbayad pag mag se seminar sa dec 16, pwede po ba dumeretso na dyan or kelangan pa mag pa reserve, tnx

    • Saan po ba kayo manggagaling? Pwede po magpa reserve dahil priority po na ipagtabi ng materials for solar panel yung may reservation, limited kc yung mga solar cells good for 15 people kaya yung pang 16 na attendee wala na po magagamit. Reservation fee is P200 and above ibabawas naman sa total price per head ng seminar/training afterwards. Thank you po.

  • Hello po. I’m from Dagupan City, Pangasinan. Wala po ba kayong seminar dito sa lugar namin? Magkano po ang aabutin kung magpapainstall ng solar panels? Kindly email me nalang po para makapagtanong ako properly.. thank you po

    • Hi po,

      Wala po kami contact dyan eh na magoorganize ng seminar.
      Dito sa gen. trias cavite and schedule ng next training Dec 16, this Sunday na po un.

      Para po at least makapag estimate ng cost ng solar panel installations kelangan po malaman kung ilang watts ang load na gagamitin. Sa seminar po kasama ito sa lecture..


  • Hi, kailan po yung next seminar ninyo sa Quezon City?

  • Hi, kailan po susunod nyong seminar sa Quezon City Area?

  • Hi, ask ko lang how ko puede ibuy ung 6 in 1 solar toy?
    please send me your store location wer sa cavite? or if my delivery service kau.
    Thankz 🙂

    • Hi, kakaubos lang kahapon ng solar toy na 6 in 1, after 3 weeks pa magkakaroon ulit. text me your name para i reserve kita kung gusto mo pa.

  • hello ,

    whats the price for the solar panels?
    also how to buy it., how to install
    Thank you

    • Hi delfin,

      For how to, we have a seminar on Dec 16, you may want to attend, everything will be taught there including installation, wiring, computation, and even making your own solar panels.

      Solar panel cos 100pesos/watts

  • please I would just ask for the prices of solar panels , how to buy it and how to install it. TYVM

  • Meron ho ba kayong binebenta na solar cells na mura lang. Ang bro ko po kasi interesado gumawa ng project involving solar cells and needs to buys some. How much po ang solar cells nyo at ilan po ang kelangan bilhin or limit para makabili.

    Thank you po at aantayin ko po reply nyo sa email add ko.


  • kindly quote the price for
    200 watts solar panel
    solar charge controller


  • Hi,

    Can you please send us quotation needed to power up 100 w and 200 watts.

    Mary Ann Catabian

  • Hi,

    I am interested also. Can you please send us quotation to power up 100 watts and 200 watts.

    Many thanks!

  • I want to learn how to assemble solar power, could you teach me? saan po ang address nyo or contact cp no? may bayad po ba ang training? magkano po ang magastos pag nagpagawa ng solar power para sa aircon? thnks po

  • How much will it cost for 2 home air conditions ,one is 1/2 hp and the other is 1.5hp. Do you assemble it? Thanks and more power

  • hi, could you send me a complete quotation of your products…
    im planning on introducing solar energy products in our province.


  • pwede po umorder nung Digital DC Display Voltmeter lang?
    nasa magkano kaya shipping nyan to Valenzuela City?

    pa email na lang po.


  • Hi!
    How much would it cost if magpainstall ako ng solar panel? and can u send me a quotation of a complete package of solar panel installation with the highest watts solar panel available.


  • Please send 200 and 300 W price and complete requirements for assembly of solar energy to be installed on top of the house. Thanks.

  • Sir,

    magkano po ang inyong 100W Solar Panel Mono Crystalline Solar PanelDC 12V / 5.78AWeather Proof at ano po size nito ?


  • Hi,

    May I know how much it would cost to buy and have solar panels installed in our house for water heating and lighting? How about if it would include airconditioning?



  • pa send po ng price ng mga solar panel thanks 🙂

  • Sir, guto ko rin malaman kung magkano po yung 100watts na solar panel nyo? at magkano rin po ang aabutin kapag complete system a-assemble ko?

    Thank you.

  • Aside from solar panel, what other equipment needed to set up a solar powered supply? Do you have schedule of your training? Do you have 300 w solar panel? Pls send price. Tnx

  • Magkano po pala ang price per watts ng solar panel.

    Thanks again.

  • Ano po ba ang kayang paganahin ng 100watts na solar panel at ano po ba ang mga compatible components nito,i.e. charge controller,battery at inverter nya?

    Thanks po.

    • Lahat ng electric devices na may total wattage below 80watts kaya paganahin, any brand ng charge controller 10A and above, battery na at least 40Ahr and above, at any brand ng inverter.

  • Hi magkano po yung 100W Solar Panel Mono Crystalline Solar PanelDC 12V / 5.78AWeather Proof and kung meron na po kayo na 200W?

    meron na po ako nabili na Deep Cycle Batery na 1pc. na 100Am/hr… ano po maganda na controler?
    ok na po ba yung PWM Solar Charge Controller 20A 12v/24/v Automatic?

    Unti-unti po i-Off grid ko yung Room ko and limited pa po budget ko now? so me plan po ako ng expansion..

  • hello ,

    whats the price for the solar panels?
    also how to buy it.
    Thank you


  • ask lang po ako ng solar panel prices

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