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Solar Power on a Budget

We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries from those who wants to install solar energy in their homes because they dont have electricity and some  they want to save money…

The thing is, most should understand that even though we can and will save money using solar energy, the solar panels are not that very affordable if you want to have your household appliances’ electricity all use solar energy.

When they realized that it’s costly to do that, they loose heart.

Well we have to start at something, and if we dont have that much money, then start at something small.  Especially if you are in a place where you dont have electricity, or if you’re electricity was cut down by meralco or in a place where there is always brown out.

Let’s say you dont have electricity and want to have lights at home, now this one is easy to do, you need at least 5 watts solar panel and 1 3watts LED bulb or 2 2watts LED bulb, solar charge controller, motorcycle battery, and if your bulbs are already 12volts you dont even need an inverter.  If you want your bulbs to be in 220 volts then you need an inverter.  This all cost less than 3,000 pesos.  This was how we started in using solar power.

At first we bought only a 5 watts solar panel, a 3 watts LED bulb, solar charge controller and we have a motorcycle battery that’s never been used.  We put the LED bulb in our living area.

After a few weeks when we had extra cash we bought another solar panel, 10 watts this time, and bought 2 more LED bulbs (2 watts each), we put the bulbs in our dining area and living room.

The first time of switching to solar energy, you will need to buy the solar charge controller and battery of course, then the next time you will only need to buy solar panels.  The battery you can upgrade later once your battery gets fully charged quickly say if your battery gets fully charged in half a day, then buy another motorcycle battery or upgrade to a higher battery car batter this time, or a solar battery.

We’ve had a few power cuts here, and were the only ones with lights :).  Nice huh!? and we can even charge our cellphones, one of our neighbor asked our help to charge their mobile phones.

After some time when we had the money again we bought another 10 watts solar panel and we changed all the lights in our home to LED bulbs except for the one in the living area (we changed it to a CFL bulb that emits negative ions).

We’ve been using solar energy for months, and I can say that we have saved money in our electricity bill.  We used to pay 3,500+ monthly, now we’re down to 2,000 sometimes a little bit higher than that, but we’ve never reached 3,000 in our electric bill anymore.  Using LED bulbs helped too as they are lower in wattage compared to CFL bulbs.

We had our aquarium pumps use solar energy too.

Our suggestion is if you want to have solar energy in your home and you dont have that much money to buy all the solar panels needed, then start small.  When you have extra money buy another panel, a 5 watts solar panel cost only less than 1,000 pesos.  Change your bulbs to LED bulbs too, even if you are not yet using solar power, this will help you save in your electricity bills.

If you want lights and electric fan only using solar energy, then here’s what you need, a 20 watts solar panel, solar charge controller,  2 or 3  LED bulbs in 12 volts, a solar electric fan (this is in 12 volts and cost around 1500 pesos), and a motorcycle battery.  Now this is what i say solar power on a budget, this all cost more or less 7,000 pesos.


4 Responses to Solar Power on a Budget

  • Ivan Francis V. Abella says:

    hi there.. im a nurse here at province namely Mariano marcos Memorial Hospital and Medical Center.. I was assigned to conduct research regarding solar power and let the chief of hospital think what they can say.. but 1st i just wanna now the budget for a starter in this solar power in a tertiary hospital with a 5th floor on it.. thank you.. please text me or email me 09167923978 or

    • Admin says:

      Hi Sir,

      To be able to have at least an estimate, we need to know the load that will be used, you need to specify the equipments’ wattages, lightings wattages, etc.


  • florentino t lucido says:

    we are interested to power 2 set of water pump @ motor 1 hp , each set 1motor jackpump, &1motor for pressure tank. total 4 motors, 1set with domestic ligthing and for ref,site of installation is in silang cavite. for site map see facebook “ageless wisdom” my contact # 8954759 09174059951 (02)7823962

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