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10 watts solar panel

Complete Solar Lighting/Mobile Charger Kit

No more worrying during brownouts
Charge your mobile/gadgets anytime

solar energy philippines, solar seminar, cavite eco solutions

This package includes:
*10 watts monocrystaline Solar Panel
*10 Amperes CMP Solar Charge Controller, with Battery monitoring and Autoswitching to 12v/24v can hold upto 120w solar panels for future upgrade of your electrical system if you want to power more devices.
*Original PANASONIC LEAD ACID 7.2Ah Battery Made in Japan
*2pcs 12v/3W E27 Cool White LED Bulb
*2pcs E27 Firefly Bulb Receptacles
*2pcs Wall Mount DC Rocker Switch for easy lighting controls
*1 unit Cell phone / iPhone Charger 1000mAh (USB module)
*10 meters Aug# 12 Duplex Wire for wiring Connections
*Simplified Wiring Connection Diagram

Ready to use.

The package is upgradable up to 120watts of power for future use!


For pricing call/text +63 917 793 6041

10 Watts Lighting Package – Amadeo

Yesterday, Feb 12, early morning we went to Amadeo Cavite to deliver a 10 watts lighting mobile charging package and also helped/teach Sir Dodong on how to install and use it.  It was a farm lot with a small kubo.

Amadeo, 10 watts solar panel package, solar panel installation

On the way to the farmlot, we had to go through this road.. phew 😀

Amadeo, 10 watts solar panel package, solar panel installation

The kubo where to install the lighting package…

Amadeo, 10 watts solar panel package, solar panel installation

Installing the 10 watts solar panel on the roof…

Amadeo, 10 watts solar panel package, solar panel installation

Installing the solar charge controller on the wall…

Amadeo, 10 watts solar panel package, solar panel installation

Everything working as expected (photo below taken with camera flash on).

Amadeo, 10 watts solar panel package, solar panel installation

Evenings will not be so dark for them anymore, no more using candles, 2 bulbs working using solar energy and they can charge their cellphones too (photo below taken with camera flash off).

Amadeo, 10 watts solar panel package, solar panel installation

The bulbs included in the package were 5 watts and 3 watts bulbs.



Solar Powered Aquarium Air Pump

Are you one of those who keeps on wondering  how often or how long you’ll have turn-on our aquarium pump?

How much electric consumption will cost for that?

Here is a better solution for you to save on electricity and money.

We setup a 10 watts Solar Powered Aquarium Air Pump in Brgy. Manggahan Gen. Trias.

For this set-up, these are the materials used:
2 pcs 5 watts solar panels (or can also use 1-10watts panel)
12v-220v power inverter
10 Amp solar charge controller
Motorcycle lead acid battery
3 watts aquarium air pump.

Very simple and easy to do, also low cost.  Not only are you going to save on electricity like what we said above but your electric bill problem will be solved.  Also the problem of dying fishes every time there’s brown out or electrical surge or failure for a long period of hours will… Continue reading

Christmas Lights on Solar? Why Not!

Yes you can do this.. and save more on your electricity bills during the holidays.

solar energy philippines

Use LED Christmas lights instead of the usual Christmas lights that you see at the malls/stores.

Here’s what you need
10 watts solar panel (or 5 watts)
5 watts 100 LED bulbs Christmas lights
50 watts inverter (or lower)
motorcycle battery

When daytime the solar panel will charge the battery. At night time the battery will power the Christmas lights, it’s that simple and the installation/wirings are very easy to do.

Sep 9, 2012 – Solar Energy Seminar

Here are the photos of the Solar Energy Seminar scheduled last September 9 at Tsarina Grand Villas.  There were some who made reservation but was not able to attend due to unavoidable circumstances, but the seminar went well and was a success. The venue – Tsarina Grand Villas, Multi-Purpose Hall, Mangahan, Gen. Trias, Cavite. While waiting for the others to arrive, the speaker and the attendees had a little chat, getting to know each other… Lecture Proper – Level 1 The seminar started past 9 am as some of the attendees came from the city most of them commuted just to get to the venue and we have to wait for them before we start. Level 1 of the Seminar, during the lecture there were also question and answer portions and actual demo on how to connect everything (wirings, solar panels, charge controller, inverter, circuit breaker). The attendees were… Continue reading

How to Get Free Electricity From the Sun – Solar Panel Demo

For years many have been using solar energy as a means of producing electricity. How do they do that? With the help of technology.

Sun’s light and heat are stored and that stored solar energy is used to produce power, i.e. electricity.

In many countries, solar power is already in use, lights, pumps, homes’ electricity are being powered by the Sun. Not only do they help the environment as with the use of solar power there is no need for oil, or fossil fuels that in the long run will be gone. Sun’s light and heat are everywhere, it’s free. Unless the sun explodes we can and will always have power in our homes if we use Solar Energy.

In order for us to get free electricity from the sun, we need a few things:

– the most important is the Solar Panel
– Battery (this is where we will… Continue reading