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Solar Energy Seminar

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By Special Request – November 1 Solar Seminar

Sir Lou Wright owner of Mountain Crest Elderly Care Homes in Langkaan Dasmarinas Cavite was not able to attend the scheduled seminar last October 28, due to unforeseen events. By our day available we had scheduled a seminar just for him and his two companions as he is planning on converting his place to use solar energy.

Sir Joel Codotco from Laguna who also is a busy man cannot attend the scheduled seminar, and came on the said date also to join sir Lou and his team, this was held last November 1.

solar seminar philippines

Sir Lou Wright with his team Dennis and Marlon and Sir Joel Codotco

The seminar started with sir Joel first who came in very early for the set time :), so he started with the hands on as he has other plans that day but really wanted to learn how to make solar panels, when sir… Continue reading

October 28, 2012 – Solar Energy Seminar

Another seminar was conducted last October 28, same venue at the Multipurpose Hall of Tsarina Grand Villas in Gen. Trias, Cavite.

solar energy seminar philippines

Sir Lito Sarmiento (left) and Sir Lemeul Batrina (right)

We’ve made a few changes on the seminar, from this time on framing the project will be included in the hands on, up to the last part, installing the junction box at the back of the frame.

Sir Lito Sarmiento from Las Piñas who just dropped by to take a look attended the seminar, he had another appointment somewhere else but decided to drop by.  Sir Lemuel Batrina from Antipolo reserved for the seminar 1 week before.  The other attendees who reserved for their slots were not able to attend because of conflict of their schedules.

Level 1 – Lecture…

solar energy seminar philippines

Lecture – demo and hands on of wiring (solar system)

solar energy seminar philippines

Level 2 – Hands on…

solar energy seminar philippines

Framing the project…… Continue reading

Solar Powered Wood/Charcoal Stove

Ever wonder how you can save gas on cooking?

Well, we’ve been using this one for more than 2 years now.  Our solar powered wood/charcoal stove.  We’ve been redesigning this for the nth time.. lol.  Trying to make it easier on cleaning.  The stove works perfectly fine using either wood or charcoal, and can cook real fast.  What we are trying to do with the design of the stove is to make it look better and cleaning (removing of ashes) easier.

The stove has a blower that can be adjusted to how high or low you want the fire.  The blower is powered by solar panel during daytime and solar charged deep cycle battery in the evening.

The model is our recent design, and will be changed next week :D.  Pics were taken during a demo at a construction site.

Solar panel used… Continue reading

On on One

We conducted another one on one, this time it was with Eric Chua from Dasma who requested it, as he was not able to attend the last seminar schedule we had.

Venue of one on one is at TGV Gen. Trias, Cavite.  Conducted last Oct 16, 2012.

The lecture went quick as expected since he was the only one being taught and the only one asking questions :D.

The hands on started before lunch.  Before lunch he had to solder 9 solar cells first :D.

Eric has a background in electronics already and is making his own coin slot operated machines for Play Stations and cellphone charging machine, teaching him went smoothly.

solar energy seminar

Testing his finished project before framing, and adding the junction box at the back.

solar energy seminar

Sir Eric Chua with his finished project – 5 watts solar panel framed temporarily and all good to use.  He… Continue reading

Oct 7, 2012 – Solar Energy Seminar

Here are some photos from our last seminar held last October 7, 2012.

Venue is at Tsarina Grand Villas Multipurpose Hall in Gen. Trias Cavite.  Attendees are from Trece Martires Cavite, Quezon City and Bulacan.


Level 1 and level 2 pics.

Solar cells in different sizes and solar panels used for demo

For better understanding of computations there were different solar cell sizes and different finished solar panels shown to attendees.  Solar cell sizes from smallest 52x19mm to 3x6in were passed around, and solar panels from 2 watts, 5 watts (one was a single column DIY the other was the most common design of 5 watts), 10 watts and 20 watts solar panels were used for the demo.

Most of the attendees have knowledge on electronics so the seminar went a bit fast, all questions are answered to their satisfaction, one asked for additional information on bulb… Continue reading

One on One Seminar

By special request we conducted a one on one DIY lesson with Michael Andal.

I have only limited pics during the one on one, since Michael has already attended the level 1 seminar last Sept 9 we proceeded with the DIY hands on right away.

Checking the continuity of the tabbed cells

Tabbing the cells


Testing the voltage of the tabbed cells.

DIY solar cells used 36 pcs of 52x19mm solar cells, good for 5 watts solar panel.  This one on one was held at Tsarina Grand Villas.

Sep 9, 2012 – Solar Energy Seminar

Here are the photos of the Solar Energy Seminar scheduled last September 9 at Tsarina Grand Villas.  There were some who made reservation but was not able to attend due to unavoidable circumstances, but the seminar went well and was a success. The venue – Tsarina Grand Villas, Multi-Purpose Hall, Mangahan, Gen. Trias, Cavite. While waiting for the others to arrive, the speaker and the attendees had a little chat, getting to know each other… Lecture Proper – Level 1 The seminar started past 9 am as some of the attendees came from the city most of them commuted just to get to the venue and we have to wait for them before we start. Level 1 of the Seminar, during the lecture there were also question and answer portions and actual demo on how to connect everything (wirings, solar panels, charge controller, inverter, circuit breaker). The attendees were… Continue reading

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