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solar panel Philippines

One on One Jan 21 Solar Sem

Sir Candido Ugayan from Laguna accompanied her daughter to her workplace somewhere here in Cavite.  While he was on his way back, he saw our Tarpaulin Solar Energy Seminar Ad at a corner street in Mangahan, he got interested and wanted to understand/learn how solar energy worked, he right away called for a seminar schedule.  From where he lives some dont have electricity yet.

solar energy philippines, cavite eco solutions

Sir Candido Ugayan

Sir Candido surprisingly, came very early in the morning :), an hour ahead of our schedule. We didn’t start right away when he came as I was still double checking the things that we are going to use for the seminar.  The seminar was held in Tsarina Grand Villas.

We had a little chat it was then that he mentioned he saw the ad and that got his curiosity and he read and then called the same day.  He sells fish at a… Continue reading

Solar Seminar – January 13, 2013

Many people are now getting interested in solar energy, we’ve been getting calls as far as Zamboanga asking if we have solar seminars there.. lol.  For this new year 2013, our first attendees were Sir Jojo Leda, Sir Rodolfo Matias and Sir Jojo Saquin.

solar energy philippines, solar seminar, cavite eco solutions

Sir Rodolfo Matias, Sir Jojo Leda and Sir Jojo Saquin

Sir Jojo Leda came all the way from Quezon province just to attend the seminar.  He booked early and Sir Jojo Saquin and Rodolfo Matias are from Metro Manila.  The seminar was held at the multipurpose hall of Tsarina Grand Villas here at Gen. Trias, Cavite.

Some of those who had asked for a schedule on this date weren’t able to come.  The seminar started past 9 am, after everyone had chatted a little and introduced themselves and how they come to know the seminars held here.

solar energy philippines, solar seminar, cavite eco solutions

Lecture, computations, question and answers, and demos.. Each one get to… Continue reading

Solar Panel Installation

Well this is a belated post of our solar panel installation :), the past months had been a very busy one for us here.

I made 2 trips to the roof when I have installed my first DIY solar panel.. a bit dangerous as our roof is kinda steep.  Here’s a view from the roof where you can see Lyceum University of the Philippines – Cavite Campus.

solar panel philippines, solar power philippines, solar panel installation, cavite eco solutions

It was cloudy and yes, added more danger to it. Before we went to the roof actually it was very hot and after an hour of being there, it got cloudy and started to rain a little, we rushed down right away to avoid any accidents. The third and next trips we made to the roof was with a rope tied to my waist, not to take any chances anymore.

Anyway, here are more pics of the installation.. Cut bars were screwed down… Continue reading

Solar Seminar – December 9, 2012

This one is cool, father and son :D.

Sirs Jeff Ng and his father Wilson Ng, attended a solar seminar.  Well the patriarch Sir Wilson accompanied his youngest son he did not participated in the solar panel DIY hands on though and just let Jeff do the task of finishing both projects.. Electronics is not their line, but they are interested in learning how solar energy works and how to conserve electricity using this kind of system.

solar energy philippines, solar seminar, cavite eco solutions

Lecture and hands on of wiring system.

solar energy philippines, solar seminar, cavite eco solutions

DIY hands on training, 5 watts solar panel.

solar energy philippines, solar seminar, cavite eco solutions

Sir Jeff proud of his very own solar panel.. It was a good day for all of us.  The family invited us to visit their bread store in Manila, to which we did :D.

Thank you po for coming over.  Hope we shared something valuable to both of you.  More power!

solar energy philippines, solar seminar, cavite eco solutions

Christmas Lights on Solar? Why Not!

Yes you can do this.. and save more on your electricity bills during the holidays.

solar energy philippines

Use LED Christmas lights instead of the usual Christmas lights that you see at the malls/stores.

Here’s what you need
10 watts solar panel (or 5 watts)
5 watts 100 LED bulbs Christmas lights
50 watts inverter (or lower)
motorcycle battery

When daytime the solar panel will charge the battery. At night time the battery will power the Christmas lights, it’s that simple and the installation/wirings are very easy to do.

Solar Charge Controller – Why Do I Need It?

Here’s another guide on solar panel installation.

solarchargecontSolar Charge Controller - how important is this product to your solar power system.

A charge controller or solar charge regulator is basically a voltage and/or current regulator to keep batteries from overcharging. It regulates the voltage and the current coming from the solar panels going to the battery. Most “12 volt” solar panels give out about 16 to 20 volts, so if there is no regulation the batteries will be overcharged and that in turn will damage your battery. Most batteries need around 14 to 14.5 volts to get fully charged.

There are times that solar charge controller are not needed if you have a small maintenance solar power system or solar panels, example are the 1 watt to 5 watts solar panels.   A rough rule is that if the panel puts out about 2 watts or less for each 50… Continue reading

Solar Seminar – Nov 11, 2012

Believe it or not, these 2 guys are best buddies..

solar energy philippines, eco cavite solutions, solar panel, solar seminar

Sir Noriel Vidallon and Sir Victor Novero

Sir Victor (or lolo Victor) came first about a week before the scheduled seminar to inquire, then on the day of sem he was accompanied with his best bud Sir Noriel.. wow..  Even with their huge age gap they understand each other and are good friends.  They said they both wanted to learn what solar energy is all about and how it works.  They prefer to do things together.

Lecture, computation and hands on wiring system…

solar energy philippines, eco cavite solutions, solar panel, solar seminar

At the hands on part, they both worked on 1 solar panel tabbing each cells alternately all the way to framing it.

Sharing the tabbing of cells…

solar energy philippines, eco cavite solutions, solar panel, solar seminar

Framing the tabbed cells…

solar energy philippines, eco cavite solutions, solar panel, solar seminar

Finished project and testing for voltage output under the sun… Their project is perfect!  They didn’t even broke even a single cell :D.

solar energy philippines, eco cavite solutions, solar panel, solar seminar

Thank you, we… Continue reading

DIY – 5 watts solar panel

I made this one last September. I had a scrap of polycarbonate sheet left from the 200 watts solar panel I made that I hate to throw away, so I decided to use it, making a one column 5 watts solar panel.

DIY solar panel

Materials used:
36 pcs 52x19mm solar cells
tab wire
scrap polycarbonate sheet
scrap acrylic – for backing
high temp clear spray paint
aluminum tape to seal the sides
junction box

DIY solar panel

I used the high temp clear gloss spray paint for encapsulation. The one I am using says it never fades, and whenever I redo my project i can always untab one or a few cells with no problem at all, unlike if i had used a resin or EVA to encapsulate it which is impossible to make changes on the cells.

I have been using this for my seminar during demo. Can be used to charge a gadgets,… Continue reading

By Special Request – November 1 Solar Seminar

Sir Lou Wright owner of Mountain Crest Elderly Care Homes in Langkaan Dasmarinas Cavite was not able to attend the scheduled seminar last October 28, due to unforeseen events. By our day available we had scheduled a seminar just for him and his two companions as he is planning on converting his place to use solar energy.

Sir Joel Codotco from Laguna who also is a busy man cannot attend the scheduled seminar, and came on the said date also to join sir Lou and his team, this was held last November 1.

solar seminar philippines

Sir Lou Wright with his team Dennis and Marlon and Sir Joel Codotco

The seminar started with sir Joel first who came in very early for the set time :), so he started with the hands on as he has other plans that day but really wanted to learn how to make solar panels, when sir Lou Wright… Continue reading

DIY Tips – Soldering Iron Tip

Here’s one tip we’d like to share in solar panel DIY.

We’ve been getting inquiries on how to correctly tab solar cells, as they say they are having a hard time tabbing them and the cells get broken.

For a start your soldering iron should be 40 watts to 60 watts, I have both.

The tip of your soldering iron should be flat like this (click pics to view larger).

solar energy tips

solar power tips

The most common soldering iron that we can buy are those with pointed tips.  Flat tip is what is best to use on tabbing solar cells.  Here’s a pic, comparison of the pointed tip and flat tip soldering irons.

DIYsolar panel tips

If you cannot find a soldering iron with a flat tip, what I did to mine is I used a metal grinder to flatten the tip of my soldering iron like the one above.  If you don’t have a metal grinder,… Continue reading