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Solar Energy / Solar Panel Installation – DIY Seminar – Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday


Produce your own Electricity!

A Solar Energy Seminar, on how to be Electrically Independent

from Electrical Companies.


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!


Level 1: All About Solar and How to Install Solar Panels

Everything you need to know about solar power/energy, solar panels, connections and how you can generate electricity from it.  Manual, lunch.


Level 2: Low Cost Do It Yourself Solar Panels

Hands on seminar – How To – all about solar cells / panels, diagrams, wiring, etc.  Make your own solar panel.  Kit includes solar cells, tab/bus wire, Temporary Glass with frame to get you started.  Manual and lunch included.


Time: 9:00am -2:00pm

For Inquiries and Reservation:

Text: Smart 0999-5739268


solar energy philippines, solar seminar, cavite eco solutions

March 1 Solar Seminar

Sir Mark William P. Herrera (right) came all the way from Pampanga just to attend the solar energy seminar, and sir Fred Tapulado is from Carmona Cavite.

solar energy philippines, solar seminar, cavite eco solutions

Lecture and hands on of wiring system…

solar energy philippines, solar seminar, cavite eco solutions

DIY training on solar  panel…

solar energy philippines, solar seminar, cavite eco solutions

Framing their projects…

solar energy philippines, solar seminar, cavite eco solutions

Testing their finished projects…


Thank you po for coming hope you have learned something from us and hope to see you again also.


One on One Jan 21 Solar Sem

Sir Candido Ugayan from Laguna accompanied her daughter to her workplace somewhere here in Cavite.  While he was on his way back, he saw our Tarpaulin Solar Energy Seminar Ad at a corner street in Mangahan, he got interested and wanted to understand/learn how solar energy worked, he right away called for a seminar schedule.  From where he lives some dont have electricity yet.

solar energy philippines, cavite eco solutions

Sir Candido Ugayan

Sir Candido surprisingly, came very early in the morning :), an hour ahead of our schedule. We didn’t start right away when he came as I was still double checking the things that we are going to use for the seminar.  The seminar was held in Tsarina Grand Villas.

We had a little chat it was then that he mentioned he saw the ad and that got his curiosity and he read and then called the same day.  He sells fish at a… Continue reading

Solar Seminar – December 9, 2012

This one is cool, father and son :D.

Sirs Jeff Ng and his father Wilson Ng, attended a solar seminar.  Well the patriarch Sir Wilson accompanied his youngest son he did not participated in the solar panel DIY hands on though and just let Jeff do the task of finishing both projects.. Electronics is not their line, but they are interested in learning how solar energy works and how to conserve electricity using this kind of system.

solar energy philippines, solar seminar, cavite eco solutions

Lecture and hands on of wiring system.

solar energy philippines, solar seminar, cavite eco solutions

DIY hands on training, 5 watts solar panel.

solar energy philippines, solar seminar, cavite eco solutions

Sir Jeff proud of his very own solar panel.. It was a good day for all of us.  The family invited us to visit their bread store in Manila, to which we did :D.

Thank you po for coming over.  Hope we shared something valuable to both of you.  More power!

solar energy philippines, solar seminar, cavite eco solutions

Christmas Lights on Solar? Why Not!

Yes you can do this.. and save more on your electricity bills during the holidays.

solar energy philippines

Use LED Christmas lights instead of the usual Christmas lights that you see at the malls/stores.

Here’s what you need
10 watts solar panel (or 5 watts)
5 watts 100 LED bulbs Christmas lights
50 watts inverter (or lower)
motorcycle battery

When daytime the solar panel will charge the battery. At night time the battery will power the Christmas lights, it’s that simple and the installation/wirings are very easy to do.

Solar Seminar – Nov 25, 2012

Sir Raul Tabayaay and Sir Vito Falafox with his father attended the last scheduled seminar Nov 25, same venue here at the multipurpose hall of Tsarina Grand Villas, located at Gen. Trias Cavite.

solar energy philippines, solar seminar, cavite eco solutions

It was a fine day, Sir Raul Tabayaay from Laguna came to attend the seminar last Nov 25, he had his wife and daughter with him but left them at the mall while he was at the seminar :).  Also unexpectedly Sir Vito Palafox came with his father, to attend the lecture seminar only.

solar energy philippines, solar seminar, cavite eco solutions

During the lecture there were many questions asked and answered, and at the hands on for the wiring system, sir Vito was so eager that he was the first one to try everything while his father watch on.  After that, sir Raul turn came on.

solar energy philippines, solar seminar, cavite eco solutions

After the lecture, we had lunch and a little chat.  When it was over, Sir Vito and his… Continue reading

Solar Charge Controller – Why Do I Need It?

Here’s another guide on solar panel installation.

solarchargecontSolar Charge Controller - how important is this product to your solar power system.

A charge controller or solar charge regulator is basically a voltage and/or current regulator to keep batteries from overcharging. It regulates the voltage and the current coming from the solar panels going to the battery. Most “12 volt” solar panels give out about 16 to 20 volts, so if there is no regulation the batteries will be overcharged and that in turn will damage your battery. Most batteries need around 14 to 14.5 volts to get fully charged.

There are times that solar charge controller are not needed if you have a small maintenance solar power system or solar panels, example are the 1 watt to 5 watts solar panels.   A rough rule is that if the panel puts out about 2 watts or less for each 50… Continue reading

DIY – 5 watts solar panel

I made this one last September. I had a scrap of polycarbonate sheet left from the 200 watts solar panel I made that I hate to throw away, so I decided to use it, making a one column 5 watts solar panel.

DIY solar panel

Materials used:
36 pcs 52x19mm solar cells
tab wire
scrap polycarbonate sheet
scrap acrylic – for backing
high temp clear spray paint
aluminum tape to seal the sides
junction box

DIY solar panel

I used the high temp clear gloss spray paint for encapsulation. The one I am using says it never fades, and whenever I redo my project i can always untab one or a few cells with no problem at all, unlike if i had used a resin or EVA to encapsulate it which is impossible to make changes on the cells.

I have been using this for my seminar during demo. Can be used to charge a gadgets,… Continue reading

October 28, 2012 – Solar Energy Seminar

Another seminar was conducted last October 28, same venue at the Multipurpose Hall of Tsarina Grand Villas in Gen. Trias, Cavite.

solar energy seminar philippines

Sir Lito Sarmiento (left) and Sir Lemeul Batrina (right)

We’ve made a few changes on the seminar, from this time on framing the project will be included in the hands on, up to the last part, installing the junction box at the back of the frame.

Sir Lito Sarmiento from Las Piñas who just dropped by to take a look attended the seminar, he had another appointment somewhere else but decided to drop by.  Sir Lemuel Batrina from Antipolo reserved for the seminar 1 week before.  The other attendees who reserved for their slots were not able to attend because of conflict of their schedules.

Level 1 – Lecture…

solar energy seminar philippines

Lecture – demo and hands on of wiring (solar system)

solar energy seminar philippines

Level 2 – Hands on…

solar energy seminar philippines

Framing the project…

solar energy seminar philippines

Finished projects,… Continue reading

Solar Powered Wood/Charcoal Stove

Ever wonder how you can save gas on cooking?

Well, we’ve been using this one for more than 2 years now.  Our solar powered wood/charcoal stove.  We’ve been redesigning this for the nth time.. lol.  Trying to make it easier on cleaning.  The stove works perfectly fine using either wood or charcoal, and can cook real fast.  What we are trying to do with the design of the stove is to make it look better and cleaning (removing of ashes) easier.

The stove has a blower that can be adjusted to how high or low you want the fire.  The blower is powered by solar panel during daytime and solar charged deep cycle battery in the evening.

The model is our recent design, and will be changed next week :D.  Pics were taken during a demo at a construction site.

Solar panel used – 5 watts only.

solar powered, solar energy, super kalan

We used scrap… Continue reading